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    Egypt February 2020

The Sacred Blue Lotus Pilgrimage
Guided by Terri Geissinger and Rev. Aryshta Dean
February 13-26, 2020

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For thousands of years, the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Indians used the Blue Lotus in sacrament to induce a mystical experience and to commune with the Gods. In Egypt, representations of the flower were carved on virtually every temple and tomb  – even the Pharaoh Tutankhamun was discovered wearing a necklace of Blue Lotus. This exotic plant was so important to the Egyptians they believed it to be the living incarnation of a God - Nefertem – the son of Sekhmet and Ptah.

Now, this sacred flower is almost extinct, and Rev. Aryshta leads a non-profit organization dedicated to the education, protection and spiritual use of the Blue Lotus


This is an incredible opportunity to be part of a small group of just eighteen people, who will be immersed in the history and power of the Egyptian Gods.

There has never been a tour like this. If Egypt calls to you and your soul longs to return “home”, this is the trip you’ve been waiting for –

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